052: The Balance Sheet of You

Imagine for a moment that you have a balance sheet. 
Not of your money. But of you.

On the left side are your assets.
Your mindsets, your skill sets, your resources, your unique talents and strengths. 

On the right side are your liabilities.
Your destructive habits, your lack of skills, your areas of weakness. 

And the output of this balance sheet is not the value of your bank accounts.
The output is the value of you! 

And the output of this value is directly tied to your ability to create more value, wealth and money in the world. 

The better your balance sheet looks, the more value and wealth you can create.

It's an interesting concept to wrap your head around, but powerful none the less.

And the most powerful thing about it...

Your liabilities significantly impact your ability to produce value and money. 
Your destructive habits.
Your lack of skills.
Your areas of weakness.

Each of these are liabilities that hurt your personal value.
And when your personal value drops, your ability to produce value and money drops.

Just like you work on your business balance sheet.
Work on your personal balance sheet as well.