053: Set your intentions

More often than I would like to admit, I will start a project without clear intentions.

Ironically, I don't intend to start with loose intentions.

But it often happens...

Yet, if you take the time to ask a few simple questions at the start of any project, it can completely change your experience with the project. 

What it is for? 
Why are you doing this project? 
What is the goal and outcome that you are actually wanting to accomplish? 
What are the success criteria for this project? 
Why is it important that you do this project? 
What are the costs of not doing this project or failing at it?

At first you may look at this as a waste of time to stop and answer these questions.

But I would challenge you to consider how much time is wasted when you embark on a project that does not have clear intentions or outcomes.

Set your intentions.
It makes all the difference.