054: Focus on process, not results

When you have a goal in mind, it's easy to spend all your time just focusing on the goal. 

And practices like "Daily affirmations" or "visualization" tend to encourage you to just "focus on the outcome that you desire".

But you see, there is a problem with that approach...
And I know because I tried it for years... 

The problem is that you cannot "will an outcome into existence".

You can't just keep visualizing, or repeating something to yourself and make it true. 
In fact, the more you just focus on the outcome, the worse off you become over time.

So what is the alternative?

Focus on the process. 

Instead of spending time visualizing your desired outcome, spend time working on the process of achieving it every day.

Build daily habits into your life that work toward that outcome, and hit those habits EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Eventually, the habits become part of your daily routine and you don't even think about them any more.

You wake up.
You do the work.
And eventually you look around and say "Wow, look how far I've come. I'm going to hit that goal."

It doesn't come through visualization or affirmations.
It comes from a daily focus on the process and doing the work.