055: Have faith in your business

Whenever you are starting something new, you don't know for sure that it is going to work.

You think it is going to work.
Your research signals to you that it could work.
But your not totally sure. 

At the moment, I am launching a new business.

I've had about 40 people tell me it's a stupid idea, but I've come across 4 people who say "This is exactly what I've been looking for."

That's scary.
It would be amazing if all 40 people loved it and bought from me. 
But that's not quite how it works when you are launching something new.

There are a few early adopters who are ecstatic about your new thing. 
And the rest either are not your target buyer, or will wait 6-24 months to adopt your solution.

So in this moment, there is a lot of fear. 
There is a lot of doubt.
And you can't change that.

All you can do is keep your sights focused on what matters, and have faith in your business.