056: I'm a fuck up

8 months ago, I had racked up $22,000 of credit card debt, I had to lay off 6 people and I couldn't pay myself for over 2 months. 

4 years ago, I was doing consulting and I lost all of my retainer clients in the same month (because I was smoking too much weed), and I almost got my wife and I evicted from our apartment. 

8 years ago, my business partner asked me to step down as CEO because he thought I was doing a poor job (which I was). 

All of these experiences hurt. 
They are scarring.
But they ultimately make you who you are.

Every time I had one of these huge crashes in my entrepreneurial career, I learned from it.

Now it is not to say that you want to keep having these crashes...
But the truth is that in some level, these pits are inevitable.

But when they happen, make sure you learn from them.
Amidst all of the chaos, reflect on "How and why did this happen?"

Learn from it, otherwise you will find yourself repeating it over and over and over again.