057: Don't chase money. Chase the process.

It's easy as entrepreneurs to get focused on the money.
And to some healthy extent we need to be.

But as an individual, just chasing the money can get mentally unhealthy.

It's like running a marathon and just thinking about the finish line, instead of the act of running.

You see, money isn't what you are trying to achieve.

Instead, you are trying to build a process to deliver value, which then yields money.

It's a subtle shift in thinking, but a powerful one.

When you spend all day thinking about "I need to make $10k this month" then you are focused on the wrong thing.

Instead, when you wake up and focus on doing the work that you must, day in and day out, then things change. 

You do the work.
You create value.
And as a result "$10k hits your bank account" 

You can't just will money into existence by chasing it.
Instead, you must focus on the process and do the work.
When you stay focused on the work in front of you, the money will come in time.