094: Assume Success

"So I have this new idea for a business, do you think this will work?" - A friend asked me this yesterday... 

And years ago, I used to ask this same question whenever I had a business idea.

Now, with any business concept, you need to do due diligence to makesure it will financially work.

But for most business ideas, if you can find a parallel company that is pretty similar, then it will work... if you work...

The problem I had for years is that I was "looking for a right idea". 
I thought my success would come when I picked the right path to go down. 

And then a mentor asked me "Assuming you will succeed at whatever you do, why are you going to choose this business?"

And that question changed me... because it assumed I would succeed no matter what.

Stop questioning yourself. 
Stop questioning your idea. 

Instead, you need certainty and commitment. 

You need certainty that the path you are going down is the one that you want for your life.
And then you just need to commit. 

Pick a path and commit to it. 

When you commit. You will succeed.

Because you are saying "I am going to make this happen, no matter what. When it gets hard, I will find a way. When I hit roadblocks, I will pivot. I am committed."

Stop questioning if your decision is right.
Assume you will succeed at whatever you do.
Choose what you want for your life.
And commit.