058: Rich vs Poor People

"I can't afford that." - This is the poor persons mentality when they encounter something outside of their current spending ability.

On the other hand, a rich person would say...

"How can I afford that?"

This simple change of statement makes a world of difference.

Instead of saying "I can't afford to buy a house in my dream neighborhood." you reframe it and say "How could I afford a house in my dream neighborhood?"

One is a statement that closes the door of possibility.

The other is a question that forces your mind to think about alternative solutions.

So how could you afford a house in your dream neighborhood?

Could you launch a second business? 
Could you add a new service line to your existing business?
Could you ramp up your sales and marketing? 
Could you find new resources to help you afford that home?

There are endless ways you could afford it, but it all starts with reframing the question.

Instead of closing your mind off to the possibility.
Just reframe it with a different question. 

Credit to Robert Kiyosaki for the concept behind this post.