059: The hard part

It's easy to have an idea. It's hard to turn that idea into a business... 

Early in my entrepreneurial career, I had endless ideas. Some of my most ridiculous include:

  • A sock subscription service

  • An affiliate tattoo site (not quite sure how that one was going to work)

But I also had decent ideas:

  • A virtual physical therapy company

  • A bulky mail company for high value customers

Yet they all failed... 

At the time, I thought it was the "idea" that was the problem.
But the truth is the problem was me. 

"Idea's are easy... marketing, scaling, and monetizing your ideas is hard." - Russ Perry

Ultimately, I was a weak marketer and entrepreneur at the time. I did not know how to market and sell well enough, so I failed at bringing my ideas to market.

Those last two ideas I mentioned both have massive potential. I know because other people ended up doing them, and seeing great success. 

But I failed, simply due to my inability to produce at that stage in my career.

"When you master marketing, scaling and monetizing your best idea... you can produce when you want, how you want and where you want." - Russ Perry

Today I realize that the idea only matters a small bit.
What really matters is you, your entrepreneurial skill sets, and your commitment to making an idea work.