061: Experts seek mindsets, not tactics

When I was young in my entrepreneurial journey, I was always looking for tactics.
I believed I was one revelation away from having it all figured out.

I looked for the next marketing tactic.
Or I was seeking to figure out someones secrets.

Yet as I started working with other accomplished entrepreneurs, I began to realize something.

Those who have successful business and personal lives don't have some "magical secret".
They don't have any "tactics" that I don't.

What they have are different mindsets. 

They have an entirely different outlook on life or business.

And these mindsets are not things that you can just change overnight. 
You can't just read a blog post and suddenly have a new mindset figured out.

Instead, they are things that must be uncovered and worked on over months and years.
And there is no end to the pursuit of getting into the right mindsets.

Experts seek mindsets.
Not tactics.