062: Invest in your team

Over the past week, I had the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with Russ Perry and his team at Design Pickle, and one thing stuck out to me above all else...

Invest in your team.

So many companies treat their employees like second class citizens.
They overwork them. 
And they just treat them like hired guns.

But Design Pickle is different.

They invest in their teams. 
Both in the USA and abroad.

They purchase training programs for their team members.
They actually have "Continuing Education" requirements for their team members.
They give them health benefits (even their team in the Philippines). 
They hold internal training days for the US and Philippines teams.

And their biggest promise to new employees... "We will train you" 

This is a massively different mindset than most CEO's take with their teams. But it is one that clearly makes a difference to their culture, and their success.

Invest in your team. 
They will honor you for it. 
And they will produce better outcomes for you as a result.