063: Is 40 hours per week enough?

"I work 60-70 hours every week..." These kind of statements from entrepreneurs are things we often wear like a badge of pride. 

We show off and pretend that working more is the solution.

And the truth is, in some cases, you need to put in more hours to make it work or get through a key milestone.

But I am seeing more and more case studies of the balanced entrepreneur who hits it big.

BaseCamp is a great example of a company that believes you can build within a standard work week.
When I interviewed Aaron Ross, he talked about how 30 hours per week is where he finds himself most productive.

And when you look at either case study, you can't argue with success.

But the one thing you must acknowledge is that if they are only going to work 40 hours per week, then they must make the most of every minute at work.

No slacking on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram...
Instead, to build something meaningful in that time, you must learn to be a productivity machine with serious strategic objectives.

Aaron Ross talks in his books about how 30 weeks is perfect for him, because if he goes to 40 hours or beyond, then he just fills that extra time with meaningless work.

You can build in fewer hours.
You just need to be more intentional.

Thanks to Nathan Barry for the inspiration behind this post https://nathanbarry.com/40-hours/