064: Create a new opportunity

There are two ways you can sell something. As an "improvement" or as a "new opportunity".

The problem so many people have with their sales is that they simply offer an "improvement."

We do it better...
We are cheaper...
We are faster...

All of this is simply an improvement offer.
And that does not motivate someone to move.

The pain isn't there that causes them to "improve"
And to buy an "improvement offer" means they must admit that what they are doing is not working. 

Instead, what you must do is figure out how to create "a new opportunity".

How can you package together an offer that is unique? 
How can you create something that is new?

This past weekend I met a guy who did this perfectly.

He has an offshore development team, but he packages it differently.

Unlimited front end development and UX design for a flat monthly fee...

Now that is a unique offer. 
That is different than the standard shop that just quotes projects.

It's simple, it's unique, and it's a different approach.

How can you create a new opportunity for your prospects?