065: The art of storytelling

One of the first businesses I ever created was a video production company.

We shot videos and created animations, and we were pretty good at it.
But there is one thing that we lacked....


We were amazing technicians, editors and animators.
Yet our team had never studied our learned the art of storytelling.

At the time, I didn't understand this.

While we could technically create whatever we wanted, I noticed that other companies always had something different about their videos.

Their stories often made more impact, while being less technically complex.
Their stories evoked emotion, while being incredibly simple.

It wasn't until years later when I started to study the art of storytelling that I began to see this distinction,.

You see, storytelling is an art. 
It is not this concrete absolute like the technical side of production. 

It is this soft fluid thing, yet it is the essence of what makes your content connect with the audience.

A good story resonates and creates impact.
A bad story, or lack of any story structure leaves your content lacking,

Learn to tell stories, and all of your marketing will improve as a result.