066: Increase Sales by Stacking Value

Your offer probably sucks.... That's the simple truth unless you have ever done serious training on sales and marketing.

But since you don't have the time to study sales and marketing right now, let me give you a hack.

If you want to increase sales... Stack value onto your offer.

For example, at Lead Cookie our core service is "Done-for-you Linkedin Prospecting."

And for a long time that is what I sold... until I learned to stack value onto it.

Here is what I eventually added to that offer:

  • Free access to a video training course on "How to convert Linkedin Leads to phone calls"

  • Monthly Success and Sales Coaching Calls

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • CRM to keep all of your leads organized

  • Monthly Metrics Reports

The ironic thing is that the only new thing I had to create to add this value was the video course. Other than that, everything was already included in my offer, I simply wasn't showing the value to my prospects. 

Yet, upon adding this to our offer, sales close rates increased. 

We began being perceived as the "high end" offer that we were seeking to become.

And it all began by simply stacking value onto our existing offer. 

Beyond your original offer, what else can you add to stack value?