067: Learn to market and sell

"So I am launching this new thing..." 

I hear this often from entrepreneurs, and it seems like they are constantly working on something new. 

They have their current business, but it's not good enough, so they just keep launching something new.

While there is something good about trying to launch new businesses, it can also be toxic.

You see, many entrepreneurs fall into this trap of believing that their success lies in their next big idea...

They think the reason that they haven't succeeded yet is because their current idea "Isn't the big one"

But in reality, almost any idea could be a success... if you learn to market and sell it.

You see, even a bad idea can have decent success if you market and sell it well. 

But a good idea, without your ability to market and sell it... well that is still going to be a failure.

Think of it like this.

(Your idea) X (Your ability to market and sell) = (Your results)

The quality of your idea is a multiplier of your results.
BUT your ability to market and sell is ALSO a multiplier.

So don't think that your next idea is your savior.
Your ability to market and sell is actually where you should put your focus.