068: Align with your prospects

Whenever you enter into a sales conversation, you and your prospect are at two different ends of the spectrum. 

On one end, you know, understand and believe in your product.
On the other end, your prospect is interested, but skeptical and does not yet believe in your product.

The key of the sales and marketing process is alignment.

You need to take your prospect from interested yet skeptical, and break down their belief patterns and rebuild them.

You need to move your prospect along that spectrum so they are aligned.
That means your prospect must understand your product.
And they must believe your product will work well for them.

The problem so many people make is that they try to make a sale before they capture alignment. 

They don't stop to ask the prospect if they have any questions during a sales call.
They don't use probing questions to understand if the prospect is aligned.

And as a result, when they move in to close the deal, the prospect is not fully aligned.

If you want to increase your sales, you must get better at aligning with your prospects.
You must get your prospects to fully understand your offer AND believe it will work for them.

Once you have that alignment, the sale comes easy.