069: Abundance is not enough

For most entrepreneurs, we start out in this game of scarcity,.
We are just trying to pay the bills. 
We are simply trying to make ends meet.

Yet at some point, we move past that.
We start to get decent at what we are doing, and we aren't as worried about money.

But the problem is that many people stop growing and expanding here.
They get to this place of abundance and they get "comfortable".

So they stop all of the habits that accelerated them from scarcity to abundance.

They stop learning new things.
They stop taking risks.
They stop pushing themselves.

Because they simply get comfortable.

And as their lifestyle grows, they eventually find themselves in scarcity again, and slowly have to raise their level of abundance.

Well there is a different way...

Instead of waiting for scarcity to kick your butt into action...
Motivate yourself. 

Push yourself to expand, and grow every quarter.
Not for the cash in the bank.

But for the sake of expansion and growth.

When you begin to grow because you find purpose in expansion, your mindset is no longer focused on the money. It's simply focused on becoming a stronger man/woman than you were yesterday. 

And that is a path from abundance to prosperity.