070: Working with influencers

Everyday I have people reach out and pitch me. 

They want me to promote their stuff, link to their blogs, or interview them on my podcast...

They reach out 100% cold and just pitch...
This is a terrible way to go about working with influencers. 

Instead, you need to focus on building a relationship first.

At Lead Cookie, almost 50% of our revenue has come from referral partners.
And 80% of those referral partners are past guests on my podcast.

I didn't interview them and then start getting referrals from them the next day.

Instead, I interviewed them and built up the relationship over time.
And eventually those referrals or opportunities to promote my services presented themselves.

You don't work with influencers by pitching them.
Instead, you work with influencers by becoming one yourself, and then starting with value creation. 
That is how you build a relationship with an influencer in a meaningful and impactful way.