071: Psychology gives you an edge

It's easy to look at marketing and just focus on tactics.

You can master advertising campaigns, or implement content campaigns, or run outbound campaigns.

Yet all of your tactical efforts can be multiplied by one thing...


You see, at the core of any sales or marketing is an understanding of human behavior.

At the core is an understanding of how we think and make decisions.

And so while tactical information is important, it's not everything.

You see, when you begin to understand the psychology of persuasion then you can make these small microscopic tweaks to your tactics that produce massive results.

For example, through studying psychology and persuasion, I became very familiar with the concept of scarcity as an offer. 

But I also know that in order for scarcity to work, you must be authentic with it.

With this knowledge, I decided to implement an end-of-year promotion at Lead Cookie. But I did this in authentic way by "giving a reason" which is that we only offer this at the end of the year because the holidays are a slow time for us.

The results were record sales... 19 new customers and $57,000 of new revenue from this promotion.

I understood that the holidays provided an opportunity for creating an authentic scarcity, so I used that and my results skyrocketed as a result.

Learn the psychology of persuasion. It's a worthwhile skill.