072: Care about your team

"How do you keep your team around? We just have so much turnover?"

I heard this question from another entrepreneur the other day, and it's one I see so many people struggle with.

But the problem is that he seems to think the solution is in some "tactical approach". There is no overnight hack...

Instead, there is care.

Care about your team. 

Try actually giving a shit about them and their quality of life. 

Create a culture where they love coming to work. 

And honor their personal lives and create an environment that enables them to have balance. 

You can't fake this. 
You have to live it.

You have to find balance yourself as an entrepreneur.
And then create an environment that enables balance for your team.

At Lead Cookie, we have only had 2 people leave us out of a team of 25 in the past 18 months. Both of those people received offers of triple our compensation so I can't complain. 

And everyone else sticks around and is grateful for the opportunity we provide.
For the work / life balance we provide.
And for the opportunity to grow and expand.

Care about your team. 
And they will start to care about you and your company.