073: Focus on the work in front of you

There are far too many entrepreneurs I meet who have their head in the sky all the time.

They are dreaming big.
They are anticipating problems,.
And they are always looking at whatever is next.

But so many of them forget the most important thing.

Focus on the work in front of you. 

The work that needs to be done today.
The customers you must serve today.
The actions to hit your targets for this week.

For years, I was that head in the clouds entrepreneur.

I loved to think big picture...
Yet I failed to realize that at some point, you have to put your head down and do the work.

And the path to fixing this is simple.

  1. Build your big picture 1 year vision of yourself

  2. Break that vision down into quarterly challenges for yourself

  3. Set monthly benchmarks to check in on your quarterly challenge

  4. Set and achieve weekly targets that ensure you hit your quarterly challenge

It's that simple, but that framework ensures you actually do the work each week.

Because doing the work every week means you will hit your monthly benchmarks.
When you hit your monthly benchmarks, you hit your quarterly challenges.
And when you hit your quarterly challenges, you become the 1 year vision you created for yourself.