074: Winning & Learning

"Ugh, I screwed that up." 

That was the mentality that I used to take for years. I would try something in business, or my relationship, and I would "fail" at it. 

And so I would beat myself up, and get down about it. 
And this cycle became vicious as I got into a habit of "screwing it up". 

But eventually a mentor taught me a valuable lesson.

"Focus on your wins" 

And so everyday, I started to list out 3 things I did right. 
This helped keep me focused on the things I was doing right, instead of the things I was doing "wrong".

And then down the path, another trainer taught me that "nothing you do is wrong. It simply did not work and you can learn from it."

These two pieces together are powerful. 

Because it gives you freedom. 

Freedom to test.
Freedom to fail.
And freedom to stay in a positive frame of mind no matter what.

Everyday you make decisions and take actions.
And sometimes your actions will work, and other times they won't.
But everyday, you are winning & learning.

And that is a step forward.