075: Commitment is commitment

"Ugh, I really don't feel like doing this anymore." 

That is how I felt late last year as I was about halfway through Q4.

You see, I had set a challenge for myself to give a 5 minute presentation in Spanish by the end of Q4. I was living in Mexico, and knew that this would push me out of my comfort zone. 

But as my exit date to Mexico approached, I still had taken zero actions to make the presentation a reality. 
I was learning everyday, but I had not booked the space, or written a word of the presentation.

I wanted to just give up and not do it.
I was exhasuted by work, and looked for every excuse not to do it.

BUT, I was committed.

I had set that challenge for myself, and I was going to do it.

So I took the next step. I booked the time and space for the presentation. 

I still didn't want to do it. But I knew I needed to start working toward it.

So I wrote the presentation in English the first week.

I still didn't want to do it... 

So I procrastinated, and then I converted the presentation to Spanish in the second week.

I still didn't want to do it.

So I brought my presentation to my Spanish teacher and improved it. 

I still didn't want to do it. 

So I started inviting people to the presentation and telling them about it... 

I still didn't want to do it. 

But then I did it anyway. 
And I accomplished a goal I never even dreamed possible for myself 3 months prior.

And along the way, this forced me to a whole new level of fluency in Spanish. 

"Commitment is commitment, no matter how you feel" - Garrett J. White