076: Disrupt Stagnation

This past week, I found a document on my computer titled "Goals for when I am 30" which was written in 2012.

And given that in June, I will be turning 30, this document was particularly interesting.

As I opened it up, I was actually pretty delighted as a majority of the goals I had set out were hit. 

My income goals are on track to match for this upcoming yaer.
My lifestyle and relationship is on track with what I had outlined.
And my desire to live a nomadic life of travel has certainly become a reality.

Yet there was one area that was a let down...

In 2012, I weighed 202 pounds. 
Today, I weigh roughly 202 pounds. 

As I scanned through annual goal documents, I saw a recurring trend of setting a health goal every year.... and every year I failed to hit it.

And for several years, I saw the same true of my business goals.

But then about 1.5 years ago, I hired a business coach and mentor and accelerated my business trajectory so fast that I literally caught up to my goals after years of stagnation.

I was stagnate. 
I hired an outside coach. 
I accelerated rapidly and caught up with my goals.

It's time to do the same for body.
I have been stagnate and doing the same thing for 8 years.

External pressure has accelerated me before. 
So it's time to do the same again in my body.