078: Invest in your family

For the first 10 years of my entrepreneurial career, I honestly took home little cash.

I kept "investing it in the business" and thought that if I just put that money back in, then it would eventually return more out.

After 10 years, I saw small changes in my income, but nothing major.

But ironically, the moment when I started to see big changes in my income was when I invested my money elsewhere.

It was the moment when I started investing in my family. 
I started paying myself more, and figuring out how to run the business more lean.

This extra cash I paid to myself meant I could invest into education programs for my wife.
We could afford to do date nights on a regular basis.
And most importantly, we weren't worried about money because we finally had a decent amount in the bank.

Yet for 10 years before, I thought the path to growing a business was paying myself pennies, while reinvesting in the business.

Today, I have a different philosophy.

Invest in me and my family first.
That puts you in a place of power.

And from there, you can become innovative on how you run the business on less cash and still see a great ROI.