079: Find people you disagree with

It's easy to hang out with people who all have the same beliefs as you.
Those around you become an echo chamber for your own ideas.

But often that can restrict us.
It can make us close minded. 
And it can prevent us from growth.

Instead, seek out people you disagree with.
And instead of judging them and trying to prove that you are right...
Aim to learn from them, and see what they may know that you don't. 

Often, the people who we despise, are actually the people we need to learn from.

As an example, I used to have a hatred toward "internet marketers". 
They frustrated me and I would turn away from any of those tactics that I saw.

But over time, I began to see some people using these tactics to create immense good and change in the world.

And I realized that my annoyance with these "internet marketers" was actually a self-limiting belief. 

And by going and spending time with these people who I disagreed with, I could actually learn from them and create massive acceleration on the achieving of my goals.

When you disagree with someone, there is often something you can learn from the other side.

Keep your mind and your heart open, and see what there is to learn.