080: Everyone can win

"Ha, we won another job from {{Insert competitor here}}"

This was my mentality early on in business. I ran an agency in the event industry and we had a few local competitors.

And I was hell bent on beating out those competitors. 

I disliked them. 
I was adversarial with them. 
And we sure did not work together.

Well that mentality only got me so far. While my company did some great stuff, that mentality probably did more harm than it did good.

Contrast that with my mentality today, and you can see drastically different results in business.

Today, I don't care at all about competitors. I consider them partners, or friends. 
I share some many of our processes and secrets with competitors.
I even train people on how to build the exact type of company we have built.

I've partnered with some software tools that automate what we do with code. 
And I've even tried to build relationships with the most direct competitors in the space.

Because I have learned that this approach returns far more wealth and prosperity to me than the adversarial approach of competition does.

When everyone is a partner, you can find ways to collaborate.

You move yourself from a place of "I must win and they must lose"... to a new place of "There is so much opportunity here that we can all win." 

Everyone can win.
Turn your competitors into partners and friends.