082: Negotiating hurts you

"Ha, I totally got him to come so far down on his price..."

There are a lot of people who thrive in negotiation on trying to bring someone else down on their price...

And while negotiation might be ok if you are just trying to buy a product from a street vendor, it can be terrible in the world of business. 

For example, someone came to me the other day and tried to haggle me down on our pricing at Lead Cookie... 

Ultimately, I said no and I did not budge on my pricing. 
This guy was annoyed and left. 

But in reality, if I had dropped our pricing for him, then I would have been annoyed. I would have been frustrated with him as a customer.

I would have valued him less, and if we came up with any issues, he would be at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of our clients. 

When you haggle down a vendor, you are putting yourself at the bottom of their priority list.

They will always focus on the high paying customers first, and you second.

So consider the opposite.

What if you paid people what they are worth? Or even more?

How would they treat you then?