083: Improvement vs New Opportunity

When talking with many agencies or software, I often ask them "So what makes you different? Why would someone hire you over someone else?"

90% of the time the answer is: "Well we have a really high-quality team, and we really great client communication..."

Whoopdie freaking do... 
No one cares that you are better.
That is what Russel Brunson would call "An improvement offer"

"Improvement" does not motivate someone to move or change providers. 

BUT, a new opportunity will. 

For example, when Russ Perry launched Design Pickle. He wasn't just offering another graphic design agency.
It was a new way to package up and deliver graphic design.

When Alex McClafferty and Dan Norris launched WPCurve, they were not just offering web development services. Instead by packaging unlimited support for a flat monthly fee, they delivered it in a new way.

When you try to just "do it better", no one cares.
But if instead you create "a new opportunity" that does it differently, then you catch peoples attention.

An improvement offer suggests "My current choices are bad"
While a new opportunity suggests "Wow, this is something that I never knew existed before"

It's a subtle distinction, but massively important in terms of creating a unique value proposition.