084: Why your team members leave

“You leave a leader if you don’t believe the leader anymore, or you want something that is beyond the scope of their leadership.” - Garrett J. White

One thing that many entrepreneurs don't realize about business is that their team often wants more than a paycheck.

They want a place to learn.
They want a place to grow. 
They want to feel as though they are in a company that is furthering their status in life.

Yet, many entrepreneurs fall short of this in two ways.

First, they treat the employees just like cogs in a machine. They don't invest in them, and enable them to grow. 

And eventually, those cogs get burnt up and annoyed with their situation and leave. 

You don't give them an ability to grow, so they eventually walk away.

Second, the leader stops growing and therefore is no longer someone the team member can learn from. 

Think about it this way. If you are leading a talented and driven person, then they are going to consistently be evolving and growing. 

And if you want to keep them engaged, YOU must be consistently evolving and growing. 
You must always be several steps ahead of them, so that they desire to continue to learn from you.

As soon as they desire to learn something that you can no longer provide, that is when they seek a position elsewhere.

If you want to keep your team around, rise as a leader. And keep rising. 
That will make you someone worth following.