085: 100x Bigger?

"What would this look like if we were 100x bigger?"

That simple question is powerful to use when building a new business for scale.

For many entrepreneurs, we build for how things exist today. And if your goal is not to scale with your business, that is just fine.

But if you intend to 10x or 100x in size, then you must think differently. 
You must build today with 100x your current business in mind.

It's a simple question, but leads to powerful changes to how you approach problems.

And this can't just exist in your head as the entrepreneur...
It must also exist inside your teams head.

I remember when we had about 12 customers at Lead Cookie, and I told my team "Someday we will have 100"

That was a mindset shift for all of us.
And we began to look at and solve problems differently.

So if you are building to scale, then don't build to fix your problems of today.
Build as if you were 100x your current size.