086: Awareness of your emotions

Everyday, you will find yourself triggered by a variety of things. 

Your family members, team members, your self... 

And when I say triggered, that means you get angry, frustrated, fearful, or experience any other broad range of strong emotions.

It could be an email from a customer.
A situation with your spouse. 
Or even just your own emotions and hormones bringing you down. 

But here's the thing. 

If you let yourself get wrapped up in your emotions, then it makes it hard to think straight. 

One negative email from a customer starts a train of thoughts... and 30 minutes later you believe "I'm going to lose everything!" 

It's natural for your mind to drift down these thoughts. 
It's your feelings and emotions taking control.

But the truth is, that doesn't serve you. 

Instead, if you catch your emotions early, and notice when you have been "triggered", then you can accept what happened for what it is, and think through the situation with a clear head.

You see a negative email and realize "This is one upset customer, I can deal with this." and you realize that it does not impact your business and service as a whole. 

You see the conflict for what it is, and you don't let your mind spiral the story into something bigger than it is. 

Awareness of your emotions. 
This is step one to changing how you respond to them.