087: What is your one win?

6 months from now, if you looked at your business, what would be a win?

Don't name off 3-4 different things.
Name one thing.

One is one, measurable, metric that would signal to you that you have hit the success that you wanted? 

When you name off 3-4 different things, you are listing out different tactics, or ways to get you to your win.

But those tactics can be distracting. 
Because the tactics are NOT the win.
They are just steps along the journey.

Some tactics may go like you plan, and others may fail.
And when you focus on the tactics, then your world crumbles when a tactic fails.

BUT, if instead you focus on the one single measurable outcome for your business, then will find a way.

One tactic may fail. That's ok.
You double down on the other tactic.
Or you re-evaluate and find a way. 

When you have your one clear measurable metric you are striving for, then you find a way to turn that into a reality. 

Define your win.
Make it measurable. 
Make it one thing.