088: Recycle your content

When it comes to creating content, more isn't always better.

While I love creating content (this daily blog is an example), sometimes it's just not about adding more to the mix.

Instead, it's about recycling and repurposing what you already have.
It's about promotion, instead of creation.

At Lead Cookie, we have one single article that has driven a massive amount of leads and new customers to our business. It's our "How to Guide to Linkedin Lead Generation - https://jake-jorgovan.com/blog/a-how-to-guide-on-linkedin-lead-generation

This is what is called "Cornerstone Content".

It's some of your best content.
It's the foundational piece. 
It's what you want people to read to get educated so they buy from you.

I put A TON of work into that How to Guide, and in reality I could not publish content like that every week. I simply don't have that amount of prolific ideas.

But, what I can do is keep repurposing it, reposting it, and then promoting it in different ways.

I can focus the rest of my content around driving people back to that one cornerstone piece.

Less is more when it comes to content.

Create your cornerstone content, and drive people to it.