089: Leadership is commitment

It's easy to lead when things are easy, when everything is going your way.

What is hard is to lead when shit hits the fan, when nothing goes as planned.

Those are the true moments that test your leadership. 

And in those moments, as a leader, you must demonstrate one thing...


You must take a stand and do what you said you were going to do.
You must listen to the voice inside of you, make a decision, and execute.
You must commit to something, and drive toward it with unwavering certainty.

When you commit, you show courage and clarity to your team.

And when your team sees that in you, they will trust you, and they will follow. 

But if you lack commitment,
if you shrivel up in fear, 
if you are scared to handle the situation, 
if you try and blame others... 

Well that is the worst thing you can do as a leader.

Make a decision, and commit to what you are going to do. 
Demonstrate unwavering confidence in your decisions.
Because in that, people will trust you and put their confidence in you.

But it all starts first with getting committed...
And the key is that the commitment is not just a facade for other people.

The commitment is a genuine, courageous, commitment inside yourself.