090: Leaders require certainty

In todays world of technology, very little is certain. 

"Change is the only constant" this has become the motto and rallying call of todays leaders.

And amidst all of this change, most people flounder. They operate reactively, and from a place of fear, and doubt.

They make a decision, but they question if it was the right decision... 

Well I will have you consider that the chaos will never change. 
But instead, you must change.

You must grow as a leader and level up in your certainty and confidence.
You must make decisions amidst the chaos, and be ruthlessly committed to them. 

For example, a few years back when I was floundering in business, I would set goals for myself, yet I rarely hit them.

I would set a 3 month goal for myself, and then about a month in, I would see how hard it was going to be to hit the goal, I would talk myself out of it and back down...

I didn't have the certainty and confidence in myself to deliver, so I sabotaged.

Today, I set a target, and I hit it. 
I say I am going to do something, and I do it.

It's not a question of "Will this work?" 
It's a question of "What is required to make this work?"

I'm certain in myself and my abilities. 
And I will do what is required to make it work.

If you want to be a leader that people follow.
You need to build that certainty and confidence in yourself first.