091: Your customers should thank you

"Thank you so much for everything you guys are doing. This is great."

That is the kind of message you want to be hearing from your prospects.

Even though they are PAYING YOU, you want to design a marketing system, and delivery system that has them grateful for you.

The old school game of marketing was all about just getting people to buy.

The infomercials selling stupid products.
The door to door salesman who you never saw again....

Those people didn't really care. 
And they had no repercussions if you didn't like your purchase.

But in today's digital age, things are much different.

The buyer is enabled, and the buyer has power.
They can go to social media and tear you down if you upset them.
They can ruin your reputation if you treat them wrong. 

And so the entire dynamic has changed. 

First, you must make marketing promises that your product will actually deliver on. 
Second, you must sell from a place of integrity with a product you believe in.
Third, you must deliver beyond expectations on everything you sold and marketed.

If you can do that, people will be thanking you, even when they are PAYING YOU.

You should not be thanking your customers.
It should be the other way around.