092: What is your customers gap?

If you want anyone to buy from you, they must cross a gap...

Today, that potential customer has a series of beliefs, stories, patterns, pains, and behaviors. 

They operate by these behaviors, and these behaviors make up how they view the world.

Well, in order for them to buy from you, you must accomplish one of two things.

First, you must create something that supports their current belief pattern. That's the simple easy route, but has often become quite commoditized. 

Or second, you must change their belief patterns. 

You must change what they believe is possible.
You must change the stories they tell themselves.
You must activate a desire within them for something more.
Or activate a desire to alleviate themselves of pain.

In order to compel someone to action, you must identify this gap between where that customer exists today... and what beliefs they must have to buy your product.

That is the gap.

Identify that gap for your customer. 
And then use your marketing to guide and seduce them through that journey.