093: Your life is by default

Consider that your life, as it exists today is a result of you being reactionary. 

It is a result of you defaulting into wherever the whims of the world take you.

It's not a pleasant thing to hear, but for a majority of people, this is reality.

We walk along the status quo, then some external thing in the world happens, and we react to it. 
Our emotions take charge of us.
The stories we tell ourselves influence our decision.
And we simply react... 

Now there is a flip side to this... It's not easy to learn, but the possibility on the other side is amazing.

The flip side is that we build a life by design, instead of default.

We are living our life, and then some external trigger hits us.

And in this moment, instead of reacting to this external event, we attack it.
We are not taken off guard by this event, but instead we see it as an opportunity. 

When you begin to look at life through this lens, you realize how often in life you have reacted to whatever the world has thrown at you.

The next time the world throws something at you. 

Step back, evaluate the situation.
Look at the facts vs your emotions about the situation.
And then make a decision.

It's not easy to do. 
But it will change you from a life of default, to a life of design.