095: Be real. Be patient. Be a leader.

If you want to lead someone to a better place, you must first be real with them. 
You can't cover up your true thoughts, or try to sugar coat what you think.
You need to open up, be raw, and let them know what you really think.

Second, you must be patient.
Others won't evolve at the same pace you do. 
You may tell them a truth, but it may take them a while to accept it as fact.

Third, you must lead them to a better place by first living it yourself.
If you want someone to move from where they are today to a new way of operating, you must do that yourself first. 
You must be a leader and blaze that path for them.

You must first live the path you want them to follow. 
Without living the path you want others to follow, you are leading from a place of hypocrisy.

If you want others to follow you, you must lead by teaching that which you have learned.
That is the bare minimum.

Be real.
Be patient.
Be a leader.

That is how you lead others to growing and evolving themselves.