096: Two types of ego

It's often looked at as "bad" if you have a big ego.

But I would beg to differ.

Anyone who has accomplished anything substantial in life has an ego.
They have to in order to stand up to all of the scrutiny that show up when they start to rise.

Yet there is healthy, and unhealthy ego.

In Ayn Rand's famous book "The Fountainhead" she illustrates this perfectly.

On one hand, you have Howard Roark. The innovative architect. 

Roark doesn't care what others thing, and stays true to the path he knows is right for himself.

Others hate his work, ridicule him, and try to destroy him.
But he does not deviate for others. 
And as a result leaves an unforgettable mark on the world.

Roark has ego. 
But his ego is driven by certainty.
That is the healthy kind of ego.

On the other side, you have Peter Keating. The popular architect.

Keating lives for what others think of him. Every decision he makes is to be popular in the eyes of others.

But Keating lies to himself every day. 
He cheats and steals in order to maintain his fame. 
And in the end, he drives his life to a place of absolute misery.

Keating has ego.
But his ego is driven by vanity and caring what others think.
That is the unhealthy kind of ego.

Check your ego. 
Is it driven by certainty? Or vanity?