098: Become a lifelong student

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Chris Ducker. Chris is a major online influencer with a massive following on his personal brand, paid membership sites, and multiple businesses that run on the backend of his website. 

One of the first things that Chris said on the interview hit home "At the Core, I'm just a sales and marketing professional. I just keep learning and studying this craft."

Even after launch several multi-million dollar businesses, Chris still studies. 
He still reads. 
He still works on improving his sales and marketing abilities every single day.

And that is the mindset you must get in. 
Into this place where you keep learning sales and marketing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

There is no end game for this craft.
You are always a student.

And the better you get at sales and marketing.
The better your businesses get.

So become a student.
And stay a student. 

It is the key to a fulfilling and successful path as an entrepreneur.