099: Knowing is not enough

Have you ever met that person who likes to shell out advice from all the books they have read? 

They tell you all of these ideas and theories that they picked up.
But when you look at what they have actually accomplished, they are struggling.

I know this person, because for a long time I WAS this person. 
I read every book around.
And I would shell out advice to others around me like I knew what was up.

But there was a problem...

I wasn't living 90% of what I learned. 
While I knew things in theory, I was not taking the actions to live that which I learned.

You see, it's easy to read a lot of books, consume a lot of information, and acquire knowledge. 

In today's day and age, there is more information and knowledge available than ever before.

But what is hard is to actually take that information and do something with it.

It's hard to read a book, and then actually implement what you learned.
It's hard to focus on a few key sources of knowledge, and tune out all the rest which is a distraction.
It's hard to actually live everything you are learning. 

But consider that this is what defines great men and women from those who spend their life in struggle.

It's not how much they know.
It's the fact that they live what they know.