100: What do you think we do?

"What do you think we do?" 
This simple question is extremely powerful when building a new business.

When you are trying to push the envelope, it is often hard to get your messaging and positioning correct in your marketing materials.

You write version, after version, of the website.
Yet for some reason, everyone still misinterprets what all you offer.

So here is a tip...

The next time you are on a sales call ask your prospect "What do you think we do?" at the start of the meeting.

Instead of you pitching to them, open up and ask them to explain their perception of you. 

First, this will actually create a fun dynamic of the conversation as it's a bit of a unique and different way to open up the conversation.

Second, this lets you know where their head is already at so you can close any gaps or misunderstandings they may have.

Third, this will give you massive insights into how people are perceiving you so you can adjust your messaging to fix misconceptions.