101: Building a Tribe

A tribe consists of 3 things.

  1. A leader

  2. A shared interest

  3. A way to communicate

This simple concept from Seth Godin's famous book tribes immediately struck home when I started re-reading the book.

Despite how simple it is, it's very easy to forget these fundamental building blocks of building a tribe like movement. 

At times, I have forgotten that I need to step up as a leader if I want others to follow.

Often, my message was all over the place and it was hard for my tribe to rally around a shared interest. 

And for years, I have done very little to let my audience and readers figure out ways to communicate with each other. 

Basically, I've done a poor job at building a tribe for the past few years. I've ignored the essentials, and despite pulling people toward me, I did little to keep them here by building a tribe. 

If you want to build a tribe you must lead.
If you want to build a tribe, you must rally people around a shared interest.
If you want to build a tribe, you must give them a way to communicate and connect with each other.

That is the path to building a tribe.
It's not hard.
But it takes work.