102: Build on principle

The path of entrepreneurship can be a winding and crazy road. 
It can take you all sorts of random places.
And there is the problem...


You see, most entrepreneurs go through their careers just jumping on whatever opportunity or idea strikes them next.

As a result, their career becomes this disconnected journey of random attempts and failures.

Consider another way...

Consider that you need a guiding principle. 
A core purpose statement that defines your decisions. 

You need something that you can use as a filter to run all future business opportunities and decisions through.

For example, here is my filter. 

The purpose behind the businesses I build is to create more freedom, not less, for the owners, team members, and customers.

That is my purpose. Freedom.

When I look at any new opportunity, I evaluate if it achieves that freedom for everyone involved. 

If not, it's an easy decision to walk away or avoid it. 

What is your guiding principle?