103: What it feels like to fail

I was laying on the couch, curled up in a ball. 
I felt sick to my stomach.
I knew I was failing, and I was on the edge of coming to terms with it.

For those of us who call ourselves entrepreneurs, we face these hard moments.
These moments where we know that despite our best efforts, we have failed at something.

We know it's part of the journey... but that doesn't make it any easier. 

After 3 months of pouring countless hours of my life into building Content Allies, I realized it was destined for failure. 

I could keep pushing, but it was like trying to shove a boulder up a hill.

We had customers.
We had team members.
But in my heart, I knew it was fucked...

So I sat there paralyzed, feeling absolutely nauseous. 

But in reality, what I felt was indecision.
I felt fear to make the decision that I knew had to be made. 

I had been feeling this for weeks, and I kept suppressing it.
Now, in this final moment before making the decisions, the emotions reached a level of making me physically ill. 

Then, in a span of about 3 hours, I finalized the decision.
First, I finalized it to myself.
Second, I declared it to my wife.
Third, I declared it to my mentor.

And by hour 4, I felt free and on top of the world.

Quitting isn't easy. It's self-declared failure. 
But sometimes it's the right thing to do.