104: Social media matters

When social media first came out, I thought it was the bees knees.

It was a massive distraction, and I was on their posting all the time.

Yet, over the years I started to realize how distracting social networks can be to my overall productivity.

So I actually took pride in using social networksless.

I loved not being on social networks as much. 
It felt healthier for my brain.
But there were consequences I wasn't realizing...
The simple act of regularly posting on social keeps you top of mind with your audience, and helps you generate more sales.

I learned this the hard way. 
By not posting for years and letting my social go cold.

Then, I hired a team member who helped me start putting out daily social content, and I immediately saw an uptick of new leads of people saying "I've been following your content on Linkedin."

Staring at a social feed all day is a waste of time.
But posting on a regular basis is crucial to your business.