108: Tension creates attention

Do you know that feeling when a song comes on the radio. You recognize it, but you can't remember who the artist is?

It's on the tip of your tongue. 
But you can't quite get there.

Your mind starts going crazy, and next thing you know you are on Google searching the lyrics.

Then you see the artist and "Ahhhh...." that sweet sigh of relief. 

There is science behind this, and it's more powerful to marketing than we know. 

When a problem is left unresolved in our brain, our brain has a way of focusing a ton of time and energy on that problem, because it want's resolve.

But as soon as the resolve happens, your brain completely shifts gears.

Psychologists studied this by looking at waiters in restaurants. 
They had impeccable memory of a tables order... until the order was delivered.
If you asked them who ordered what even 5 minutes after the order was delivered, they couldn't remember.

This is because their brain had achieved resolve and moved on to other thing.

The key as a marketer is to create "open loops"
To leave things unresolved.

The podcast Serial by NPR does this amazingly. Every episode is full of open loops and questions that they wait to resolve. As a result, my brain hooks in and I just can't get enough of it.

So how do you create tension with your marketing?

Well it's simple...